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How It Works

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Watch the videos below to learn about each part of the program.


Welcome to the program!

Let’s look at how you will learn 500 English sight words by learning the letters, 7 syllables and 7 rules of English.

The Magic Trick

English is not that hard once you understand the trick to it. Like a magic trick, once you understand how it works it is easy.

Lesson Plans

Here is a guide to using the 108 lesson plans that will help your students read and speak English with fluency.

Movies and Tales

Learn everything you need to know about reading English by watching the movie The History of English According to Bob, and reading Tales to Tickle the Rules.


Master the letters of English with the ABC Face, The Fat Rat Rap Game and vowel videos.


Master the phonics of English with Minimal Pairs and Rhymes.

Sight Words

Learn the 500 sight words that make up 75% of the basic words we use in English.

Silly Stories

Here are 21 syllable-controlled stories that will help any beginning reader.

Testing Videos

Here are all the tests you will need to keep track of what each student has learned.

Speak 500

Welcome to Scene Study for Speaking English