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Essentials of English is the creation of Brett A Brown M.Ed. and the wonderful artists and programmers he has hired.

About Me

I built this website because, when I learned to read English as a child, I promised myself that I would remember how difficult it was and do something to make it easier. While earning my Masters as a Reading Specialist I discovered I was dyslexic. I also realized that this gave me a wonderful insight into dealing with language processing disorders.

Often I would teach students and think, “It would be great if I had something that did ‘this’ to help them see what I mean.” So I got certified in computer graphics and began to design all those tools for teaching that I envisioned.

I found I could teach anyone to read once I learned where they were getting stuck and had them do enough repetition (in different modalities) on that concept. It was just a matter of giving the brain enough time to build a circuit for handling it.

When I began teaching English learners, I found that knowing how to read and write English did not mean knowing how to speak it. So I created the Scene Study for Speaking English program (SSSE.) You will find this in the Speak 500 section of the website.

Everything in this website was developed by working with students, seeing what worked and changing what did not, so that I could give them what they needed. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback about what you need to help your students.

Brett A. Brown M.Ed. Reading Specialist, ELL teacher, Programmer

My hobbies are building educational programs.

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